The Quadratic model

When we created Quadratic, we imagined an organization that goes beyond the classic schemes of consulting companies and their solely pyramidal management system. The structure of our group favors initiative, it allows us to really support the projects of our collaborators and to explore new ways of sharing the economic value that we collectively generate around Digital Engineering.


We invest in the projects of our employees

Some innovative projects or those with strong technological potential are destined to take on a new dimension under the leadership of our employees. Once the scientific and technological obstacles have been overcome, the business model has been structured and the first customer tests are conclusive, the project can be spun off or spun off into a subsidiary. In our young history, we have already spun off one activity and are currently incubating two products.


We design new profit-sharing schemes

Today, a fraction of the group's profits, or its investments, is reallocated to employees. This reallocation is based on the performance of each employee and on an evaluation of this performance by peers, without any managerial directives. It is carried out via a vehicle administered by the employees themselves in the form of a Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) based on a blockchain protocol (for more technical information: https: //

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