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Intimately convinced that the quality of a consulting firm lies above all in the quality of its teams, and in its ability to set up a truly collaborative environment, we strive to develop a particular corporate identity, structured around two major principles:


The desire to create a real pool of experts through a fair sharing of the value created, and the empowerment of each person around a common asset.


The desire to help our employees grow through close support, the promotion of technical and scientific values, and an assertive refusal of paternalistic company management and baby soccer culture.

Because these intentions often remain just words, and because we know from experience that it is only when they become reality that the best teams are forged, we have concretely transcribed them into a Venture Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), an innovative management and capital structure supported by profit-sharing schemes transcribed into a blockchain protocol.

Do not hesitate to contact us or to apply for one of the offers below so that we can present you in more detail our activities, our beliefs and our way of implementing them.

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